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What We Do

Our team of dedicated professionals at Shop Drawing Engineers Group (SDE) is ready and equipped to provide the detailed drawings for your next project.
Our services include:

  • Steel detailing
  • Rebar detailing
  • Misc. Steel detailing
  • AS Built Drawings
  • sealed and signed Connection Calculations.

We specialize in various aspects of detailing projects from intricate geometry structures (which require not only software power but also a true understanding of Three dimentional planes & detailing whether its Steel or Rebar) as well we are an industry leader in detailing and coordination large industrial and commercial projects. We also have experience working directly with project design teams to expedite the RFI and steel design process as well as the overall project. This ensures greater accuracy and completeness of structural steel at site.

Structural Steel Detailing

Structural Steel Shop Drawings Project might be new building or renovation or additional building to existing. We are ready to provide,

  1. erection drawings 3D
  2. shop drawings* (assembly)
  3. shop drawings* (single parts)
  4. Part list
  5. Bolt list
  6. Shipping bill and NC1 files

* Please let us know what you are exactly looking for. How much depth you like to go..Your choose will effect drawing timing and our quote.