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Your Success and Profitability are our Objective and Aim

Shop Drawing Engineers GroupTM began providing detailing services in 1995. Since then, the company has grown from being a small operation to an organization with more than 50 engineers and detailers in Steel Detailing and Rebar Detailing Department. The secret of our success is the winning combination of experienced project managers, well trained detailers and the latest software.

We are committed to our clients' success, working diligently to provide quality in every project we are a part of. We strive to be a valuable resource to the company and structural steel industry, providing our services at competitive prices.

  • Tekla Structures & AutoCAD combined with skilled staffs help us to provide outstanding services
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Dropbox access for convenient, secure information transfer of large files
  • A combination of the right People, the Tools, the Experience and Knowledge
  • Multiple shifts and offices help in expediting project completion
  • We provide high quality Steel Detailing, shop drawings, Rebar Detailing, and Rebar Estimating at competitive rate and quick turnaround time
  • Advanced scanning, printing & plotting capabilities
  • Experience and capacity to meet aggressive schedules